About Our Resort The Blue Lagoon

Resort the Blue Lagoon is right on Tajpur sea beach, 3 km from Balisai. Excellent location on the Tajpur beach, with most of the rooms having a private balcony facing the sea and provides a perfect visual treat of the Tajpur beach. We have Deluxe A/C and Non A/C rooms with Facilities like 24 hours room service, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Car parking space, Cable TV, Safe, Children's Park. Call on Doctor, Telephone, Travel Desk, Tour bookings etc.

We are the most economical bundled up with all comforts of modern day. Being a heritage Resort, we understand the meaning of Resort and treat you optimum to make you feel at home. If you have a moderate budget and love to spend your weekend in a Resort at Tajpur near the beach with lawns, childrens' park, car parking and all modern room facilities like 24-hrs power supply, AC and non AC rooms with televisions, conference hall then this comfort Resort is a great option for you. This Resort is quite near to the beach and Casuarinas groves and you can take a walk till late evenings around it.

How to reach Tajpur

Tajpur is only 187 Km from Kolkata the best option to be there is a private car. Reaching the beach at Tajpur takes about 3 to 4 hours from kolkata.

Drive along the route leading to Digha and after crossing the Kathi and Chawlkhola crossings, you will reach the Balisai crossing. Turn left and move forward to locate Tajpur. If you are travelling by train, then you can get down at Digha and hire a trekker to Tajpur. All buses to Digha from Kolkata would also drop you at Balisai More and from Balisai More you can catch a local van to take you to Tajpur.

You can also avail Bus like Volvo, and many other buses to reach Tajpur.

Best time to visit Tajpur: Tourists can visit Tajpur all through the year.


The Resort Blue Lagoon is the best place for staying in Tajpur. They have 6 Non A/C and 4 A/C corteges and a Dormitory with 15 Beds. The court is awesome with hammocks. The food and service is also very good. The beach is only 5 meter away from the resort.

Places to see at Tajpur

The virgin sea shores surrounded by Casuarina Groves and Keya flower shrubs, the river mohona and fishermen villages must be seen. The inverted-crescent beach of Tajpur is the main attraction here.

Distance :

Kolkata – Kolaghat : 74Kms

Kolkata – Nandakumar : 103kms

Kolkata – Contai (Kanthi) : 156Kms

Kolkata – Chawlkhola : 167Kms

Route :

Kolkata – Kolaghat – Nandakumar – Contai – Chawlkhola – Balisahi – (turn left) – Alampur (turn left) – Tajpur

Train Details

Train's Name - Paharia Expr. (weekly)

Destination - (Howrah on Sat.) and (Digha on Sun)

Howrah - 07-50 & 22-00 Santragachi - 08-08 & 20-30Mecheda - 09-05 & 19-23

Kanthi - 10-45 & 16-50 Digha - 12-00 & 16-20

Train's Name - Tamralipta Exp (Daily)

Destination - Howrah-Digha and Digha-Howrah

Howrah - 06-40 & 13-50Santragachi - 06-57 & 13-27Mecheda - 07-41 & 12-40

Kanthi - 09-19 & 11-03 Ramnagar - 09-50 & 10-36Digha - 10-05 & 10-25

Train's Name - Duranto Exp (Daily)

Destination - Howrah-Digha and Digha-Howrah

Howrah - 11-15 & 18-35Digha - 14-15 & 15-35

Train's Name - Kandari Exp (Daily)

Destination - Howrah-Digha and Digha-Howrah

Howrah - 14-10 & 21-45Santragachi - 14-28 & 21-14Mecheda - 15-28 & 20-32

Kanthi - 17-09 & 18-53Ramnagar - 17-36 & 18-29Digha - 17-50 & 18-20

Train's Name - DMU (Daily)

Destination - Santragachi-Digha and Digha-Santragachi

Santragachi - 18-15 & 09-25Mecheda - 19-03 & 08-36

Kanthi - 21-18 & 06-23Ramnagar - 21-49 & 05-52Digha - 22-10 & 05-40